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Certis Solutions

Ceris Solutions Staff

Which SAME Posts are you a sustaining member of?

When did you join SAME? Why?
We joined SAME in 2019 when we hired one of the Sacramento Post’s elected Directors. She introduced us to SAME and the extensive opportunities for networking and building partnerships in the AEC industry.

Company history or background?
Our founding partners have similar, yet complementary backgrounds, all stemming from large staffing companies. In 2018, they imagined a unique and creative way of staffing that was rooted in partnership, innovation and transparency. These core values lead them to open a new company, one focused solely on supporting and partnering with clients in the AEC industry.

In which industry sectors do you work?
We work in both the public and private sectors, focusing exclusively on staffing and recruiting for Construction, Engineering, Environmental, Energy, and Emergency Management firms.

Global or national reach? How far?
We partner with clients across the United States. While we don’t focus on international work, we’ve gotten creative and supported a few clients with positions outside the US.

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Number of employees?
We have 20 internal employees between our two offices in California and Texas, and over 150 consultants currently on contract.

Current Projects?
Recently we’ve supported a few of our emergency management and disaster recovery partners, helping them quickly ramp up for recovery and clean-up work following the devastation of Hurricane Ian in Florida and the rampant wildfire fires in New Mexico.

Business Specialty or focus that people need to know about?
Certis strives to build long-term partnerships and we pride ourselves on being transparent, nimble, and unique in the AEC staffing industry.

JVs or teaming arrangements you’d like to highlight?

Certis partners with a myriad of clients, both large and small, including many that are sustaining members of SAME across the country. Certis is always looking to team with new companies to support their hiring endeavors and ultimately be an extension of their internal team.

What does membership mean to you/the company?
Membership means partnership to Certis. We’re proud to be active members that contribute time and resources to the society, and we do so along other members and other businesses because we’re all working together, not just to grow our businesses, but to better our futures and to ensure the success of future generations.

Certis Solutions
990 Reserve Drive
Roseville CA 95678
(855) 541-1007
Kelly Lo, PhD
Geologist & Director of
Business Development

(916) 241-8494
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