The SAME Sacramento Post is run by an all volunteer work force with a focus on bringing high quality programs to our members, serving our community and supporting our troops. Serving in a volunteer position with the Sacramento Post is a very rewarding experience. If you are interested in getting involved in the Sacramento Post, please consider joining one of our committees by contacting the chair or any of the team members shown below.


Relationships and Recognitions

The Relationships and Recognition Committee is responsible for retaining and adding value to member firms and individuals through communication of Post activities and recognition of outstanding service by members. The group provides regular communication to membership about upcoming events, maintains a Post website, and publishes a Post newsletter. The committee nominates members and firms for awards and public recognition as warranted and seeks recognition of the Post’s accomplishments by SAME National through submittal for Streamer Awards. The group provides venue for government agencies to communicate their programs to SAME membership. The group interacts with other local professional organizations. The group facilitates relationships with our service members and endorses programs of support, such as Wounded Warriors. The group seeks to improve SAME recognition within the community via sponsorship and participation in service projects.
Team: Steven Herrera (Communications). Margie Namba (Awards). Sarah McIlroy (Newsletter, Streamer), Phil Welker (Wounded Warriors)
Contact Steven at (916) 642-5074 or

Emergency Preparedness and Infrastructure

The Emergency Preparedness and Infrastructure Committee is responsible for developing processes to enable the Post membership to mobilize quickly and effectively in assisting the local community and our nation in times of natural and man-made disasters, as necessary. The committee evaluates and offers specialized training to those members who have an interest in volunteering their time and professional skills assisting the community and the nation during such emergencies. The team interfaces with The Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP) conference and TISP activities.
Team: Sean McNeil, Chair; Capt David McDonald
Contact Sean at (916) 993-4629, Contact CPT McDonald at (916) 557-7140,

Leadership and Mentoring

The Leadership and Mentoring Committee is the outward-focused group showing leadership with the community and providing help and encouragement to our students and membership. A major element of our leadership/mentoring includes scholarship awards to qualified students in high schools (seniors), junior colleges, and 4-year colleges. The committee also encourages the participation of young members in Post activities, including an Annual Young Members Forum. The group exhibits post leadership in support of our troops and their families, community charities, and community events. Leadership includes support for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs within our schools.
Team: Guy Graening (Chair, Scholarships), Mike Conrad (Young/Student Members), Sarah McIlroy and Dave Cook (STEM)
Contact Guy at (916) 838-3572,

Education and Training

The Education and Training Committee promotes the continuing education of membership through the issuance of professional development hours (PDHs) to members who participate in educational events. The committee actively seeks to support the education and licensure of members and returning warriors to assist with career advancement. The group supports the startup and growth of small businesses with information and training, including conducting an annual small business workshop. The group supports educational workshops and training of interest to membership as a community service.
Team: Ms. Sarah McIlroy (Chair) Erin Crandall (PDHs). Mike Conrad (Small Businesses)
Contact Sarah at (916)773-8100,


2008 Math Counts Competition
SAME Sacramento Post Presentation


The Programs Committee is responsible for the planning and delivery of Post events, including membership meetings, conferences and events. The committee works with the mission committees to plan and implement events that are of high quality and interest to our members. The group provides volunteers to assist with on-line registration, desk reception, audio-visual, food service coordination, sponsorship, and other details needed to make each event a success. An important duty of the Programs Committee is fundraising, including the planning and execution of an annual fundraiser golf tournament. Additional annual events include an annual training and business opportunities conference and a holiday mixer.
Team: Nathan Rockwood (Chair), Denise Dutra (Golf Tournament), Steven Herrera, Dave Cook, Mike Conrad, Margie Namba, Phil Welker, Coreen Cecil, Col Herman.
Contact Nathan at (916) 993-4624,

Post Administration:

Post Administration is provided by the post officers, headed by the Post President, COL (CA) Mike Herman. The Post Secretary, Brian Boen, documents board decisions and reports to SAME National, as required, on Post roster information. The Post Treasurer, Mr. Phil Welker, develops the Post’s annual budget for board approval and tracks income and expenditures versus the budget. He manages annual reporting to SAME National and the submittal of state and federal tax returns. Memberships are managed by SAME National; however, questions regarding memberships may be directed to our Membership Representative, Dave Cook. Administration includes leadership from the Post Field Chapters—Travis AFB, Beale AFB, the Northern Nevada Field Chapter and the CSUS Student Chapter. The President may form additional administrative committees, including an internal audit committee and an annual elections committee, as needed.
Contact COL Herman at (916) 854-3200,